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Dearest Rhys:

Today you would have turned 30 years old. It is so hard to believe that time has passed so quickly without you. What makes it so difficult, is that you will forever remain 20 in my mind, in dad’s mind, and in so many other hearts and minds. We will never know what you would have looked like, what questions you would have asked, or how you would have handled parenting.

What we do know is what kind of person you were and what kind of person you would become. You were truly “that guy.” You would have approached every celebration, every problem, every life event with that contagious smile and enthusiasm. You were and would have continued to be a man of courage, faith, and conviction. You would have protected your new family with your life, as you did with your brothers in arms. Dad and I would have continued to be amazed and proud of the way you approached your life.

SGT. Rhys W. Klasno

What is it like without you here? Despite knowing exactly where you are and that we will be reunited again, there is a huge gap where you once stood. Life here can never be the same without you. Our universe, Stephanie’s universe, your friends’ universe all shifted slightly the day we were notified of your death. Heaven certainly gained a soldier of the Lord, but we lost a piece of our hearts and only God’s promise of the hope in Heaven has gotten us this far.

We miss you, Rhys and will continue to miss you until that glorious day when we are reunited. In the meantime, we will honor your memory by sharing your short life with everyone we meet. We will love on your daughter, London whenever we can. We will rest in knowing that you are safely united with the Lord in a new body, and that you are free from the fear, pain and tears that accompany our temporary life in this world.

“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”
Ps 4:8

Happy, happy birthday Rhys!



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Lynn is an accomplished writer and business professional with a BA in English, an MBA, and JD degrees from prestigious Universities. Lynn has worked in the construction industry for 35 years.

She is also the mother of an American Hero. Her only child, Sgt. Rhys W. Klasno was killed in action on "Mother's Day," 13 May 2007 in Haditha, Iraq. Read her American Hero Tribute Blog and check out her Roofing Solutions Wonderkid Blog

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  1. Lynn, I feel it such a honor to have shared, although only a brief moment of time, with you, Michael and Rhys. Those memories are etched in my mind as if they were yesterday. So I know that all those memories that you have with Rhys are eternally etched in your mind as well. Even though we shared only a short time together I have always felt like it were years and that God put us together for a reason. You, Michael and Rhys taught me more life lessons than I can count and still continue to teach me to this day. For all those I thank you all.

    I remember that little boy, the Leggo loving boy, that spent Thanksgiving dinner with us many years ago. I am certain that I have some pictures of that very special Thanksgiving day somewhere and I need to get them out so I can sharpen those etch marks in my mind.

    Happy Birthday Rhys, you will always be 5 in my mind, curious and sweet with a smile that could steel a heart.

    Love in Christ,


    Comment by Juli Bill — July 17, 2016 @ 2:50 am

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