Bob Markham– American Hero

Lynn | Honor and Remember | Friday, March 5th, 2010

It is with great sadness that I follow-up my last post with the news that Bob Markham passed away the other night. A humble man with respect to his military service, Bob is truly a hero to Michael and to me, not just for that service, but because his calling was honoring those who have been killed in action in our most recent conflicts. His mission was to make sure those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan received the honor and remembrance that he and the veterans of Vietnam never received.

Bob’s mission was small, placing the flags on those graves in Riverside National Cemetery every Saturday, but so great and honoring in the lives of families left behind. Bob’s vision of America and its military was “old school” in some minds. Bob was proud to be an American and knew that serving in her military was a small sacrifice made in gratitude to those who have gone before and as a way of saying proudly, “this is my America.” (more…)

The Flags

Lynn | Honor and Remember | Saturday, November 28th, 2009

We are fortunate because we live near one of the 130 National Cemeteries in the United States. Everyone knows about Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, DC; few know about the others.

I say we’re fortunate for 2 reasons; one because our son Rhys is buried there and two, because being in the vicinity of a cemetery dedicated to our military veterans is a constant reminder of the sacrifices Americans make for their fellow citizens of the US and fellow citizens of the world. A visit to a National Cemetery is truly a humbling experience.

We put flags out every week on the graves of those brave men and women killed in combat during the current Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, a mission that we have taken over for an aging and now sick veteran. We are proud to call Bob Markham our friend, a kind man, a former soldier, whose ministry in life since his wife’s death is to honor each young man and woman buried there who has died in combat in these current conflicts. We met Bob one Saturday while we were placing flowers on Rhys’ grave. We saw Bob many times after that, placing flags every Saturday. Often we saw only the results, as he was there earlier than anyone else. (more…)

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