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Lynn | American-Hero | Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Welcome, I want to share with you my hero, my son Sgt. Rhys William Klasno of the California Army National Guard, serving with the 1114th TC in Al Asad, Iraq. He was killed on Mother’s Day 5/13/07 when an IED hit his vehicle as he was returning from a mission. He leaves behind his wife Stephanie who was pregnant at the time with their daughter London Eevie who was born July 29, 2007. Rhys was a true American Hero who served with faith, dignity, integrity and all of the other qualities we, as parents, strive to instill in our children. He lived life abundantly in his 20 years and treated each person he spoke with as though they were the most important person in the world.

God’s mission for Rhys here on earth is complete and we look forward to seeing him again. We are so honored to have been entrusted with his care for the time we had. He cared about every man and woman in his unit and placed their safety above his own. We have been honored by Americans everywhere who did not even know our son, by the Patriot Guard who selflessly rode at his funeral, and by friends and fellow soldiers. This was a man who exemplified everything this country stands for. We will continue to support our military’s efforts and our Commander in Chief, as we know all of you do every day. Our son’s honor deserves nothing less.

Thank you for continuing to vocally support our troops and the families who love them.

Faithfully in Christ,

Lynn Klasno

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Rhys Klasno - American Hero

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