Running the Race

Lynn | Thoughts & Reflections | Monday, August 4th, 2014

I am not sure why we often hear the same message several times without it having any significant personal meaning and then all of a sudden, a light bulb moment comes over us.  My recent light bulb moment came while I was running up a hill in my most recent attempt to reestablish my cardio-fitness regime.  The success of that goal aside, I must count the effort a success simply because of the light bulb moment.

While chugging up the hill I was reminded of Biblical instructions to “run the race” in life and “finish strong.”  Having run a few marathons in the (distant) past, I always thought, “well right, that makes sense” but I never felt any personal application other than in the context of running.  But those phrases, combined with the message at church about taking a breath, saying a prayer, and plunging forward in sharing the Gospel resulted in somewhat of an epiphany for me. (more…)

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