Missing You

Lynn | Thoughts & Reflections | Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Rhys, I miss you more than you can ever know (until I get to Heaven to tell you).
You know, I thought that after 7 years, I would not feel so sad during the month of May. But the month sort of sneaks up on me so quietly that some days I wonder just why it is I cried about some non-event.
I think I have finished most of my weeping for the month but I just looked at videos of you again and remembered how much I miss your voice, your laugh, your face.

I know that you are experiencing the total joy of Heaven but I am still heartbroken. I was remembering walking you in your stroller in our neighborhood in Anaheim when you were very little. I used to sing Jesus loves you all the way down the street and back, especially at Christmas when all the neighborhood had lights up. I like to think that that is when Jesus took hold of your heart and never let go. And when He took your heart, He took ours as well

I know where you are Rhys, but my heart longs to be there with you. I can clearly see what your purpose was here on earth but still wonder about why I am still here. I wonder what task God has in store for me before I too, can move to the more glorious address at which you reside.

I thank you Rhys for showing me and your Dad the way to Jesus. We not only experienced the joy of you in our lives, but we can now claim a place in Heaven with you because of you. We truly serve a gracious and forgiving God. Dad and I love you Rhys. Remembering you in our hearts forever.
Always serving, always faithful – Sgt. Rhys Klasno KIA May 13, 2007 Haditha, Iraq



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Lynn is an accomplished writer and business professional with a BA in English, an MBA, and JD degrees from prestigious Universities. Lynn has worked in the construction industry for 35 years.

She is also the mother of an American Hero. Her only child, Sgt. Rhys W. Klasno was killed in action on "Mother's Day," 13 May 2007 in Haditha, Iraq. Read her American Hero Tribute Blog and check out her Roofing Solutions Wonderkid Blog

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