Missing You

Lynn | Thoughts & Reflections | Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Rhys, I miss you more than you can ever know (until I get to Heaven to tell you).
You know, I thought that after 7 years, I would not feel so sad during the month of May. But the month sort of sneaks up on me so quietly that some days I wonder just why it is I cried about some non-event.
I think I have finished most of my weeping for the month but I just looked at videos of you again and remembered how much I miss your voice, your laugh, your face.

I know that you are experiencing the total joy of Heaven but I am still heartbroken. I was remembering walking you in your stroller in our neighborhood in Anaheim when you were very little. I used to sing Jesus loves you all the way down the street and back, especially at Christmas when all the neighborhood had lights up. I like to think that that is when Jesus took hold of your heart and never let go. And when He took your heart, He took ours as well

I know where you are Rhys, but my heart longs to be there with you. I can clearly see what your purpose was here on earth but still wonder about why I am still here. I wonder what task God has in store for me before I too, can move to the more glorious address at which you reside.

I thank you Rhys for showing me and your Dad the way to Jesus. We not only experienced the joy of you in our lives, but we can now claim a place in Heaven with you because of you. We truly serve a gracious and forgiving God. Dad and I love you Rhys. Remembering you in our hearts forever.
Always serving, always faithful – Sgt. Rhys Klasno KIA May 13, 2007 Haditha, Iraq

Rhys Klasno - American Hero

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